Spending the cash on nature reserves

Published: Monday, 25 June 2018

THE Canal & River Trust proudly tell of its £4 millions project—on a nature reserve!

New natureReserveMontySo whilst four canals are closed and maintenance of the rest has never been so neglected, the trust proudly boasts of £4 millions spend on 'providing a protected home for birds, wildlife such as damselflies, dragonflies, otters and water voles, and rare aquatic plants like Floating Water Plantain Luronium natans'.

Other nature reserves

This is on the Montgomery Canal that already boasts of nature reserves, and looks like being one long nature reserve if it ever gets finished with so much money being spent other than on the actual canal.

The trust is so pleased with its nature reserve that is is inviting the public to come and see it, with guided tours during July. The photograph below shows one of the other nature reserves already on the Montgomery Canal.

MontyNature ReserveMoney for the actual canals

The money has come from various sources and 'delivered by the Canal & River Trust'. But as the 'guardian' of the waterways it is thought that an effort would be made to gain money for the actual canals instead of so much effort to create what really has no connection with the waterways as far as boating, and what should be its main interest, is concerned.

As far as boating is concerned the canal is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest on both sides of the border. The whole length in Wales is also recognised as a Special Area of Conservation, that leaves many believing that boats will be the last thing wanted should it get completed.