Thieves steal narrowboat then trash it

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A NARROWBOAT was stolen from its moorings at Saxilby taken on a six miles joyride then trashed.

The boat, Cockney Rose, was broken into at its moorings at Saxilby on the Fossdyke, then taken for a a joyride into Lincoln with the owner's dog inside, until the thieves met a lock that they were unable to operate, so completely trashed the interior and left it, Alan Tilbury reports.

Stolen narrowboat Apr 2018No boat or dog

The boat was the property of Sean Chambers who was at work at the time, and when he returned there was no boat or dog, that was later found traumatised wandering the towpath where the boat was discarded.

The thieves had completely ransacked the interior, with cupboard doors ripped off everything thrown about and even the engine damaged, then stealing anything they could find of value including a cycle, a chainsaw and fishing tackle.


As a liveaboard, this was his home, that is now ransacked and unable to move, with Sean attempting to clean up the mess that was left.

He just cannot understand why the people who took his boat had to completely ruin the inside making it inhabitable, with the only positive thing that his rescue dog Cheech was found wandering near his discarded boat.

The police investigating have been told that two teenage boys were seen on the boat as it entered Lincoln.