Smart cards intoduced for lock passages

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2018

WATERWAYS Ireland has introduced smart cards to pay for boat passages through its locks.

This is at present being tested on the Shannon and Lower Barn for a two week period for the operation of locks and lift bridges, then it will come into permanent use, Alan Tilbury reports.

Used for other things

The Smart Card is already used on the Shannon for showers, toilets, pump-outs and electricity and also on the Shannon-Erne Waterway for lock passages, with boaters inserting it into a reader which deducts the units for the lock passage. The lock keeper, when available will then operate the lock as usual.

The Shannon locks and bridges will accept payment by smart card and cash from the 1st May until 30th September. After this date payment will be by smart card only.

The cost

The cost of the lock passage on the Lower Bann will be 1 unit. The lock passage on the Shannon-Erne Waterway will remain at 1 unit. The 10 unit card cost €6.35/£5.55 and the 20 unit card €12.70/£11.10.