Beavers introduced to the waterways

Published: Monday, 09 April 2018

BEAVERS have now been introduced into southern England with plans to introduce more in other parts.

Ben Goldsmith has already spent £200,000 introducing the rodents in the South, with further plans, that could have a great effect on the waterways.

BeaverFelling trees

Beavers make their nests from sticks and mud and then build dams that allows the water to rise and surround their habitats to keep them safe from predators, and are capable of felling trees to create their dams, that could have devastating effect on our navigable rivers and canals.

This person is now prepared to fund the introduction of wildcats into this country, with it seems little thought to the damaged they could do to our native birds and animals. Thousands were hunted and killed in the past due to their targeting lambs and poultry.

There seems to be no concern from Canal & 'River Trust about the introduction of beavers, that could have a great effect on its waterways.