Canoeists jumping lights in Foulridge Tunnel

Published: Friday, 21 July 2017

YOU stated that allowing canoeists into canals tunnels was a bad decision, and it certainly is as I discovered in Foulridge Tunnel, writes Francis Barnet.

It has come to pass what you also mentioned, that some will go against the 'traffic' lights at red, and two did jump the light this week that we met as we went in as the lights at our end turned to green.

Very lucky

It was very lucky that we had a couple of visitors, who had never been on a boat in a tunnel before so sat on the front deck to see it, and shouted that there was a light on the water, and going to investigate I realised it was two canoeists heading towards us, with just one LED head light between them.

I was with my husband on the stern before this, and neither of us saw the light, and if it wasn't for our two friends in the bow we could easily have hit them, but my husband slowed right down and pulled over to the side allowing them to pass, telling them they should not have come on red, to which reply from them is unrepeatable.

As you also mentioned there will be a fatality, and it could easily have been then.