How active (and effective) is the IWA?

Published: Friday, 21 July 2017

AS I understand it, the main objective (in short) of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) is to look after the interests of its members, writes Bill Ridgeway.

Whether they be boaters, anglers or walkers, who have an interest in the canals (narrow and wide) and navigable rivers of the whole of the UK.

Seven months

News items affecting waterways could include regulatory (from CaRT and other navigation authorities), environmental, political, local news. However, the number of news items on the IWA news web site since the beginning of 2017 (nearly seven months) are:

January 4 items
February 1 item
March 4 items
April 1 item
May 3 items
June 3 items
July (to date) 0 items


Not a lot to say

The IWA does not have a lot to say about itself or its work. I will leave it to others to draw their own conclusions.

Is this paucity of news reflected in the hard work put in by grass-root members?