Guardian propaganda

Published: Monday, 03 July 2017

THE Guardian it appears is now Canal & River Trust's choice of propaganda, with currently seven massive articles acceding to its telling of the wonderful things that it [CaRT] does.

In addition CaRT seems to be having a twitter offensive with one, Caroline Killeavy, under the grand title of Head of Community Engagement at Canal & River Trust, making sure followers see the Guardian articles.

Speed bumps

One boater, John Hibbert,  however tells us he resents the statement that 'speed bumps would just cause another hazard on the pathway' without then explaining exactly what these hazards would be. In reality it appears that the CaRT response to the cycling menace is that, apart from painting pictures on the towpath, cyclists should ring their bells and be polite!

John believes it would appear that CaRT have a willing partner in the Guardian  for solely presenting its side of the story, though CaRT would probably define it as PR.