Sam to the rescue

Published: Monday, 03 July 2017

THIS is a tall story—but true, writes Jackie Brown.

Jackie1A week or so ago, after a very busy day, shopping, hairdressers and a trip to the hospital we arrive back at the boat in Crick Marina about 8:30 pm, tired and weary.

Waiting for the captain to open up the stern I stood waiting on the pontoon with all the bags and coats, suddenly we heard a plop what was that? Something shinny, must be a pound coin from your coat pocket I said.

Now on the boat I go to take off my ring and yes you have guessed that’s what it was. Now what, we go back outside gaze at the water and try and determine where I saw it fall in. Too late to do anything and with the captain needing to think it through we left it till morning.

Jackie2So after a sleepless night thinking I would never see it again (had it for over 30 years and for many reasons it was of very sentimental value) Terry woke and said he knew a man who would know what to do—Sam.

8am on the phone explaining the whole situation to him the reply was “we can’t have that, be straight over” sure enough good as his word Sam arrives with his diving gear, wet suit, gas tank and most importantly his underwater mirror.  Within minutes of arriving he finds exactly where it is. Now that was the easy bit, I go off to the shops for bacon and eggs as he arrived without his breakfast I leaving the two men to deliberate on the situation.

When I arrive back though there it was on his little finger. According to Terry, Sam had been grovelling in the mud to retrieve it. Just couldn’t believe it. So so happy and grateful.

Jackie3So while he was with us he did our engine service had his bacon butties and a cup of strong tea (he loves his strong tea) before starting out to do his normal workload, which must be heavy as he is Foxton Boat Services also doing breakdowns and call-outs besides running his business at the bottom of Foxton Locks and boat trips to name but a few.

So if you need a man that can, or know of someone else who does, Sam’s your man He comes highly recommended. After all he has been servicing our boat for many years and what he has just achieved was way beyond the call of duty.

So thank you Sam—you’re a genius. x