Lack of maintenance biting

Published: Wednesday, 30 September 2009

THE deteriorating isolated section of the Montgomery Canal around Whelshpool is causing problems to businesses along the waterway due to its lack of maintenance.

One company, Bywater Holidays, has had to cancel its operation of horse drawn waterway cruises owing to the complete lack of dredging, but more importantly to its operation, the mass of vegetation by the towpath preventing the towing.

All the year the company has struggled, but the vegetation has grown to such a degree that the operation is now impossible, resulting in a complete cruise having to be cancelled.

The business of hire companies on the restored canal now looks in danger, as the waterway further deteriorates, with little hope of any maintenance in the foreseeable future.

In the case of Bywater Holidays, the passengers spend the nights at various hotels along the route, which of course reflects on local tourism income.

This section of the Montgomery is unconnected to the main system, and in the present financial situation is being allowed to deteriorate.