Kept in the dark

Published: Monday, 28 September 2009

EACH Autumn British Waterways holds a General Annual Meeting. Last year the meeting was dominated by the bollard fiasco. This year any number of issues may take center stage—but when is it? Asks Allan Richards.

Directors remuneration, the need for boater representation on the board, lack of information on BW's 2020 vision, Health and Safety failures, customer satisfaction, the failure of BW's previous 2012 vision, volunteering and BW's disastrous losses due to its joint venture initiatives will all be topics which British Waterways needs to address.

When is it?

However, anyone attempting to find out when and where the meeting is, its format and if it is open to the public will be bitterly disappointed as details can not be found on either of BW's websites ( or

If BW was the open and accountable organisation it claims to be, then it would have published these details. Then again, perhaps it is simply incompetence (like the non publication of board minutes?) and we should not read anything into it.

A plea!

Narrowboatworld has thousands of readers including people in BW. Can someone provide details of BW's 2009 Annual General Meeting or publication?

[The editor received an invitation to this AGM giving its date, but as it was not as a Press Release, we did not publish.]