Email: Beyond belief!

Published: Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beyond belief! Almost exactly a year ago we went through that self same lock [on Wigan Flight, pictured] with water pouring through the top of the top gates.

Virtually impossible to make a level when locking down without the help of another couple who came to my rescue. I rang the Wigan British Waterways Office. You know, the one just above that lock. Gave them the lock number and told them about the problem. 'Where's that'? asked the lady on the phone. Well maybe receptionists are not au fait with the waterways, but right outside your door!

Anyhow I asked if she would report it to the appropriate people who deal with repairs. When we returned a week or so later, still leaking as badly, and from your photo it looks worse this year. We were just lucky to return through the flight before it was closed last year, and even luckier not to have to return home that way as we went via the Mersey

Please British Waterways, stop telling us to save water, but repair the leaking gates (and water points which must waste thousands of gallons in a year).

Anne and Bill Sibley Nb Minnehaha