Lee mooring proposals discussed

Published: Wednesday, 27 April 2011

IN ITS attempt to sort out the moorings on the Lee Navigation British Waterways have met with local groups.

This is part of its on-going consultation on plans to implement a new management plan for moorings on and around the Lee Navigation, where many abuse their continuous cruiser licences.


British Waterways met representatives from the National Association of Boat Owners, the Residential Boat Owners' Association, the Inland Waterways Association, Stort Boat Club, Rammey Marsh Cruising Club & Association of Lea Cruising Clubs and the Lee Anglers Consortium to discuss their views on the proposals.

In a separate meeting held today, British Waterways met with Lee Valley Regional Park Authority members to update them on the consultation process. British Waterways has previously held a meeting with representatives from the two organisations that represent continuous cruisers on the river.

Broad support

Sally Ash, Head of Boating Bsiness at British Waterways, explained:

"Today's meetings show that there was broad support for the concept of a new moorings plan for the Lee. A range of views have already been submitted as part of the consultation process and we want to hear what everyone who has an interest in the  Lee has to say before the consultation closes on 9th May."

To date, British Waterways has received 88 responses from a range of waterway stakeholders and is continuing to meet with all those who have varying interests in the region's waterways. British Waterways is encouraging people to submit their responses before the consultation closes.