Hazards of the Thames

Published: Friday, 22 April 2011

MANY boaters know of the hazards of coming out of Limehouse on the tidal Thames—especially with the water buses and ships creating their wakes.

But boater Peter Lloyd on his narrowboat Gecko experienced a different hazard caused by a small cargo ship that had lost its power and was stuck partially blocking the exit from Limehouse Basin.

Taken refuge

Peter tells us the ship that had taken refuge against the river wall by Gordon Ramsay's pub created quite a stir amongst the diners and drinkers. This was not a problem until the ebb tide swung the vessel round so that it partially obstructed the lock approach, as Peter's photograph shows.

However one narrowboat managed to squeeze through the reduced exit, by the expertise of the boat crew, and away they went.

The ship, Francesca Prior, it is believed had suffered oil loss through a leaky or broken pipe which was repaired in an hour or so, and she too left the scene.