Easter Fenland report

Published: Friday, 22 April 2011

OVER one of the coldest winters on record, new moorings have been installed on the Old River Nene at West End Park in March., writes Kelvin Alexander-Duggan.



Over in the village of Benwick also on the Old River Nene a new mooring has been installed as part of the project to provide moorings on the ‘Fenland Ring'. These moorings have been paid for by the Middle Level Waterman's Club, The Association of Nene River Clubs, Peterborough IWA and a local Fenland Company.

Further moorings are planned at Stonea on the 16 Foot River by the Golden Lion pub. Further down at the village of Three Holes sites for moorings are being examined. Meanwhile on the Nene at Water Orton, The Environment Agency has started work on a new set of floating moorings below the lock, this will provide another safe mooring site in flood conditions.

Sanitation point under review

There have been for some time, rumours that the  sanitation point in March is to be closed. Enquires have been made at Fenland Hall on this subject. It has been clarified that the site is under review, and is subject to consultation. Closing down the site is just one option that it being examined. The middle levellers intend to fight this to the last boat.

Pound barrier broken

On local fuel price, the pound barrier was broken at the Station Road Garage, March on low rate red diesel.

K Alexander-Duggan