No good for boaters

Published: Monday, 14 June 2010

BRITISH Waterways spent thousands on re building the moorings here at Marple, with contractors working away for ages, and now the moorings look great, writes Graham Lambden.

So I thought I would pull in there a week ago. Just pulling in and the boat jolted sharply to a halt about two feet out from the bank! Whilst I was photographing our boat stuck out from the bank, another chap tried to come in. I photographed him stuck out five feet from the bank! (Below.)  He then moved off to pastures new.

Apparently the contractors ignored all the large masonry slabs which over the years had fallen in the cut and just did a cosmetic job as usual.

This mooring sums up BW's attitude. Leave it looking nice for walkers and sod the boaters. Such a shame when the contractors already had the lifting gear there on site and were busy installing new masonry slabs to totally ignore the huge slabs lying in wait for unsuspecting boaters to run into!

I went to the office to complain, but being 1.30pm on a Friday, of course there wasn't anyone there. [Graham has forwarded an email to BW concerning this, of which we have a copy...]