More plans for Lancaster Canal

Published: Friday, 07 May 2010

STILL more plans for the terminus of the Lancaster Canal in Kendal, and more ambitious than ever.

There is no canal in Kendal, as the Lancaster Canal was severed by the M6 motorway, but it has not stopped various schemes being put forward, usually to build around the small area of water known as Canal Head.

£130 millions

This time it's a £130 millions redevelopment that has been  unveiled to the public, with three days of consultation.

Various schemes have been muted for the area, and fallen through, but this is the most ambitious yet, covering a vast 20 acres, hundreds of houses, offices and the usual mix that we come to expect.

Canal extension

What is different this time is that an extension to the canal is suggested, which of course will give more attractive building space. It is featured as the ‘biggest regeneration project in Cumbria', and  promises 500 new jobs.

Charles Crewdson of the company behind the scheme tells us:

"We've tried to incorporate some of the Georgian buildings and more historic elements of the area and our plans include elements that will benefit all of Kendal. There will be town centre parking and the northern tip of the canal will be rejuvenated and turned into a more vibrant part of the town."

Charles Crewdson hopes the public will be prepared to donate £2 millions towards the scheme through public bodies to provide the finishing touches but added that the plans could go ahead without this additional funding.