The best ever

Published: Wednesday, 05 May 2010

APRIL was a particularly good month for narrowboatworld with many breaking news stories, which was reflected by its readership.

From a somewhat disappointing 196,613 visits to the Home page during March, even including an estimate of those not being able to be  evaluated by our server, April saw a colossal 268,120 visits to the Home page not including around 14% the server is unable to evaluate, which would calculate at over 300,000—in a single month!

Quarter of a million

This is the first time over quarter of a million visits have been made to the NbW Home page in one month, and is perhaps boosted by Allan Richards instigating the breaking news story The end for Ownerships, with a record 15,450 hits when it was included on Friday the 30th April, and a further 9,387 hits during the first four days of May, resulting in 24,837 hits in six days—and still counting!  These figures do not include those that could not be evaluated by the server.

Many other breaking news stories made up the month in addition to well documented features, all attracting great interest.

Of the columnists, it was Richard Swan's Safety first—or second, a condemnation of boaters' safety coming a good second to that of BW's staff, that had the most hits with a readership of 7,371, again not including many hits unaccountable by the server.

Thanks to you the readers who realise the value of NbW, and particularly to all of you who submit material and tell it like it is.

But alas it will be much less during May...