Development for disused canal

Published: Friday, 05 March 2010

DEVELOPMENT plans for just under 100 homes have been submitted by a disused canal.

A developer has his eye on the old Creams Mill paper mill by the side of the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal, that though under restoration, is unused.

The developer, Westgate Estates, is hoping to impress the council planning committee with its promise of it being the greenest estate in Bolton, and will include three acres of allotments.

Half mile of waterway

The plans include opening half a mile of the waterway, though of course this will be unconnected to the main system.

The 28 acres development will comprise of 96 residential units, made up of  24 apartments and 72 townhouses, detached and semi-detached properties.

It is hoped that electricity for the scheme will be produced by a hydro-generator using water from the  Irwell, solar panels, turf roofs and wood burners in each of the properties.