Macclesfield, Rochdale and Aire & Calder closed

Published: Wednesday, 24 May 2017

THE week certainly did not start very well for boaters, with three failures resulting in the Macclesfield and Rochdale canals and Aire & Calder Navigation being closed.

It is the Bosley Flight on the Macclesfield that Victor so complained about when cruising the waterway, and no little problem but a balance beam broken off at Lock 12, that closes the flight, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Grimshaw Lane Bridge

On the Rochdale it is the failure again of Grimshaw Lane Bridge (75A), that means it has to remain closed until the contractors can carry out the necessary repairs.

The Aire & Calder Navigation is closed by the sluice failure at Woodlesford Lock, though in this case people were on site yesterday, so there is the possibility it could be repaired.

LATEST: Aire & Calder now re-opened.