Ellesmere Port Museum exhibition

Published: Thursday, 27 April 2017

AN EXHIBITION of the work of Eric Gaskell is to take place at the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port during the next few months.

Eric Gaskell regentsThis exhibition, that will be held at the museum from Saturday 13th May to Sunday 9th July brings together Eric Gaskell’s linocuts, paintings and drawings that move through the figurative, detailed and patterned, to more abstract views of our canals, their structures and the water that flows through them.The linocut illustrated shows the Regents Canal.

New dimension

Sometimes complex, sometimes simple, Gaskell’s work adds a new, more colourful dimension to the world of the canal, that perhaps will make visitors to the exhibition look at the canal network in a different way. Altogether he will have over 30 linocuts and paintings, proofs and drawings along with an interactive display of drawings and prints on display.

Eric Gaskell has been creating art for 36 years, he has art in public collections and has exhibited his work around the world, and tells us:

“I was brought up close to canals and spent many hours walking and swimming them, no make that falling in them. As an artist for over 35 years I have always loved drawing and painting near water, generally the sea and architecture.

"So later in life when, living miles from the sea, I was looking for a muse for my work the canal was an obvious choice. The still olive green waters, tumbling sparkling waters, lock gates, bridges and canal-side architecture—I couldn’t go wrong. As a result I have been making canal related work for the last 12 or more years. My work has changed over that time, whether for the better or not I will leave to the viewer and posterity, but I know I enjoy making them and will continue to do so."