Lazy boaters just don't care

Published: Thursday, 27 April 2017

I MOORED below Gothersley Lock on the Staffs & Worcs this afternoon. Only two boats have passed me this afternoon, both
passing at tick-over, writes Amy Dickerson.

The last narrowboat had a couple on it passed me at about 6pm. 30 minutes later I was walking my dog and could hear water leaking from the lock. Then I noticed they had left the bottom gates wide open with both paddles raised.

Too lazy

So these two lazy and inconsiderate boaters have more than likely done this on the remainder of the locks. With the top gates leaking on this canal that means there are likely to be some low pounds on the canal tonight. So I have put right what they were too lazy to do themselves.

Amy tells us there was no name on the boat, but was grey with black trim.