Another 'escape' route cut off

Published: Friday, 15 June 2018

ANY boater wanting to take the 'escape' route via the Walsall Canal to avoid the breach on the Wyrley & Essington Canal can no longer do so.

For there is now a stoppage on the Walsall Canal at Church Bridge, so it can longer be used as an alternative route from next Monday the 18th June.

Repaired by Severn Trent Water

Anyone held up may be pleased to learn that the oringinal stoppage on the Wyrley & Essington should be completed by the 6th of July as it is being repaired rather more quickly than normal by Severn Trent Water.


Canal & River Trust ell us that after much deliberation it has decided the works at Church Bridge will now be carried out in November as originally planned. This will allow the Walsall Canal to be used as an easy diversion route and allow the rest of the Wyrley & Essington to remain open during the navigation closure at Teeces Bridge.