Victor: CaRT into development again

Published: Sunday, 06 May 2018

NOTWITHSTANDING the massive losses from developments in the past, Canal & River Trust are into it again.

gloucester quaysSome of you may remember the millions lost—or should that be 'thrown away'—on that Gloucester development.

At that time, the development of Gloucester Quays was partly funded by British Waterways, but the building industry took a downturn, with British Waterways writing-off a massive £33 millions as the development (pictured) collapsed with the many units already contructed having no takers.

Then there was the decision to go into pubs, buying into many canalside pubs on the system, again when the industry was on a downturn, this time the losses amounting to £22 millions that again was written off.

It was way back then when the waterways started to suffer from lack of maintenance—no doubt the wasted £55 millions being responsible—and has never recovered, and many believe the way money is still being wasted, never will.

And now, according to the Construction Enquirer Canal & River Trust has joined with Muse 'to deliver the £100m Hale Wharf project, which will involve two high-rise buildings of nearly 250 homes'.

How much Cart is putting into the project we are not told, but I wonder if like me, on past experience, you believe the money would be far better put into what Cart should be primary concerned with—maintenance of its waterways.

new logoConned

We have had lots of comments about the new Cart logo, and I have to pass on to Cart, that alas, none in favour. Mostly it reminded you of a partly submerged tyre.

Mind you, considering the number dumped in the waterways, this logo is perhaps ideal.  And of course many will realise why it is only half submerged—its stuck in the silt!

One thing for sure, Cart has definitely been conned.

Will be a long time yet

A couple that have just returned from a cruise to Bugsworth Basin took the opportunity to walk down the Marple Flight to see how the work was progressing on that 'broken' lock, and realised that it wasn't.

The building of the lock wall had hardly begun, and there seems little chance of the promised opening in time for the end of the month Bank Holiday, so don't make any plans.

Good advice

I was most pleased to read the good advice from BSS examiner Graham Freeman about gas bubble testers—I agree with him that they are not fit for purpose, and cannot really be relied upon.

We have the simple red/green system. Simply turn off the regulator whilst the dial is showing green and wait.  If there is a leak it will simply turn to red.  We leave ours for a hour or two, and it is still green, that clearly shows there is no leak.


Though I can well understand the Chesterfield Canal Trust being concerned when it was discovered the HS2 rail line did not allow enough clearance for its restoration, I just cannot understand the complaints by boaters simply because the line passes a canal.

These people cannot really expect, what after all is a pleasure activity to warrant progress in the form of a high speed rail line  being diverted because the noise would disturb them.

As a frequent user of high speed lines abroad, this is something that is sadly lacking in our somewhat backward country, so those complaining, that I believe are usually residents know what to do...

Victor Swift