Navigation restriction—but where?

Published: Thursday, 26 April 2018

STOPPAGE notices are weird and wonderful things these days, but whoever does them has surpassed her/himself.

For though we are told there is navigation restriction on the 'Main Line' of the Aire & Calder Navigation (did not realise that rivers had a 'main line'!) we are not told where, Keith Gudgin relates.

Not told what restrictions

What we are told is that it involves the removable of a heat exchange pump on the 10th of May, and there will be navigation restrictions, but alas we are not told what those are either!  But to beware of divers in the water.

What victor would call another 'Cartism'.


Someone at CaRT reads narrowboatworld as shortly after the above was published we were told:

The pump is situated between South Accommodation Road Bridge and Leeds Sanitary Station.