Middle Level licence will be up to £400 a year

Published: Wednesday, 07 February 2018

THE Middle Level Bill, that is at present going through parliament will introduce a licence for boats that will be from £300 to £400 per year.

This means that moorers will have to pay the required fee to be able to regularly moor on the navigations comprising the Middle Level, that connects the Nene with the River Great Ouse comprising around 100 miles of navigable channels.  It is understood that the difference in cost will signify the different boat lengths.

Facilities rather scarce

The Middle Level Commissioners have previously been unable to charge for use of its navigations, but the Bill will ensure that in future it can, with the raised cash going towards boating facilities that at present are rather scarce.

It has been stated that there will be a reciprocal arrangement with the present Canal & River Trust/Environmental Agency gold licence being accepted, but boaters on a normal licence using the navigations to move to and from the Nene to the River Great Ouse will have to pay, with the charge to be set.


A representative of the Inland Waterways Association appeared in support of the Bill but March Cruising Club and the National Bargee Travellers Association objected.

The March Cruising Club is located on the Old Nene that is part of the Middle Level, so its members will be affected, whilst the 'Bargees' have members that moor on the Middle Level without payment of any kind.