More BWML residential moorings

Published: Wednesday, 02 August 2017

THE disclosure by Victor that British Waterways Marinas Ltd are pushing for more residential moorings has been confirmed with the announcement that 130 new residential berths have been secured.

Sawley residents369These are spread over four of its marinas—Limehouse, Sawley, Priory and Ripon, with even more expected to be announced later this year.

700 residential moorings

This will result in BWML having a total of 700 residential moorings, as there are vacancies at Limehouse, Sawley and Ripon marinas, stating this will represent 28% of its total moorings.

This picture shows the residents at Sawley Marina whilst the one below shows Priory Marina.

Priory1We are told that this is the culmination of many months of working closely with all four local authorities to ensure that, not only do the new moorings receive planning consent, but that they also enable residential boaters to avoid being charged individual council tax directly by offering a composite alternative which BWML would pay on its customers’ behalf.

£80,000 investment

We are also told that 130 additional residential moorings will also return a further £80,000 of local economic and infrastructure investment across the four locations, that includes bus stop improvements, an education contribution to go to local schools, installation of new cycle shelters, financial contributions towards a village hall, public open space improvements, archaeological field work, and enhancing floating wildlife habitats.