Where is it?

Published: Monday, 28 September 2009

PETE Jones recently discovered an old family photograph, he believes from the turn of the century, showing his grandfather, and would really like to identify the canal side location.

He is the one in the front with the rather large hat on his lap. The photograph was obviously taken by the side of a canal, and Pete wonders which one.

He thinks it is a Grand Union type footbridge to the left in the background, the type that was used at junctions. The puzzling thing is he lived at Clay Cross near Chesterfield, but he doubts if it was the Chesterfield Canal, maybe the Erewash?

It is further confused by the fact that he was a miner, and remarks Pete:

"Legend has it that he was born in Ely and walked to Derbyshire, and settled there, but that still doesn't explain the Grand Union pattern bridge, as I doubt it was on route. Maybe he took work on the cut at some time, which  would explain my life long interest in the canals."

"The group could almost be dressed as canal folk , but I'm guessing they are in typical working class Sunday best of the era?  I would greatly appreciate your regular readers opinions, so I could find the spot!"