Email: Rat run

Published: Saturday, 07 May 2011

I am presently moored on the Meaford Flight on the offside enjoying a well earned rest. I often moor here when passing through Stone—it avoids having to fight for space below Stone Bottom Lock and the incessant engine running to charge batteries.

Last year the bridge was fully repaired along with the piling on the towpath side. I spoke to a friendly British Waterways employee about the bridges a few days ago whilst mooring up here. He told me that both bridges were damaged earlier in the year. This is a regular occurrence on this flight.

Whilst returning from walking my dog this morning four cars had jammed themselves up on the Top Lock Bridge so I decided to cross the road—a big mistake on my part—since the driver on the bridge decided that my dog and I were expendable, narrowly missing us.

This gives an example of the impatience that most drivers show when using this 'rat run' which is not wide enough for two passing cars. Something tells me the road would be better as one-way.

Amy Dickerson, Nb Black Bryony