Not quite the relief of Mafeking

Published: Thursday, 21 April 2011

BUT for many months the service block at Wheaton Aston on the Shropshire Union Canal has suffered from on and off closures, writes Brian Holmes.


Originally it was thought to be sabotage, but investigations into the cause of the recent blockage in the main drainage system have now established there are a number of sections of the drainage system that have collapsed. The drain runs under the course of the track adjacent to the canal from Bridge 19 to the service block and sewage has to be pumped the 150 yards uphill to the main sewer running under Long Street.

Temporary piping

Contractors unloaded lengths of temporary 3" piping yesterday, 20th April, which by lunchtime had been joined together awaiting for the sewage pump to be connected. Contractors were busy disconnecting the pump from the original 2" pipework prior to connecting the temporary 3" pipe. I hope they have a suitable adaptor. I didn't stay long enough to find out.

British Waterways are now working with its contractors to confirm a time-frame for the complete replacement of the existing drainage system which will take some time to complete, but anticipates work will commence on the installation of the new drains before the end of April.