National Standard for Boaters' Facilities will be 'bog standard'

Published: Thursday, 06 October 2022

I HAVE been on my boat for nearly 15 years, writes Amy Dickerson.

I have continuously cruised around the system for a number of years before my health problems meant I needed somewhere to reside on my boat.

BrianSuttonCheneyAshbyA lifeline

Facilities are a lifeline. Under British Waterways I cannot recall water points disappearing. Rubbish being allowed to overflow. [The photograph by Brian D Jarrett well shows the failure of waste facilities at Sutton Cheney on the Ashby.]

Offices were open selling BW cards for pump-outs and electricity.

Under Cart the whole system is being allowed to fail. It is comparable to what is happening with the NHS.

Let it fail then we withdraw services and then say that there is no demand for them.

Overflowing for years

Bins have been overflowing for years, yet Cart have failed to address the problem. There are fewer places provided by Cart for pump-outs.

There’s an increase in signage telling us we cannot pump-out into elsans. I have my own pump on my boat but these days cannot use it.

For Cart to suddenly state there is a need for a National Standard for Boaters Facilities after all this time smells in my opinion. We know they will not address the issue. I would suggest that what we will get will be 'Bog Standard'.