Yet another survey

Published: Wednesday, 10 February 2021

THERE is one sure way that Canal & River Trust can promote itself.

That is by publishing its version of the results of surveys, so now another comes along, but this time no Press Release promoting it, but sent out to such as mobile phones to individual boaters.

'Loaded' questions

Though this was only launched yesterday we are getting remarks from boaters about its questions that they believe are 'loaded' of else completely irrelevant, with one boater telling it had been 'devised by the newest work-experience boy'!

Others of you are already sending in your own answers to some of the questions, and to start the ball rolling here is one from our Jan to the question 'What do you think about Canal & River Trust': CaRT is in a process of the lack of maintenance leading to the deterioration of canals which means planning a trip you have to think where you dare go without getting stuck.  There seems to be a policy of wait until it breaks then take your time repairing it.  Not good enough.

The purpose

We all realise the purpose of these never-ending surveys—to allow the trust to juggle the answers in its chosen sections to show how good it is doing its job.

Let us have your answers or comments, whatever they are, and providing your name is in the email we will include them, but state if you wish your name to be included or not.

But is the survey a scam?  No confirmation yet from our request...