More Shroppie woes

Published: Thursday, 28 January 2021

THE breach on the Shropshire Union Canal is causing more woes for boaters.

The stoppage notice claims that owing to low water levels the navigation is closed [from] 'Bennet's Bridge to Ellesmere Port', a distance of 30 miles and 15 locks, Keith Gudgin reports.

Until further notice

The closure started yesterday, Wednesday, and will be in place 'until further notice'.

This is in relation to the breach it is told between Wharton's Lock (10) and Beeston Iron Lock (11) and will require pumps to be installed to take water up from the Gowy, their being installed over the weekend.

Woodseaves Cutting

The navigation at Woodseaves Cutting on the Shropshire Union Canal is still closed as a result of the recent landslip.

Signage has been erected to warn walkers that the towpath is completely blocked.