Keep calm—and carry on boating

Published: Friday, 20 March 2020

HERE is a personal message from Stephanie Horton, Managing Director of River Canal Rescue to change our views on 'isolation':

A boat provides all of us (me included) with a unique and enviable position in the drive to self isolate and reduce social interaction.  Where most people will be limited to living in four walls, boaters can move from a house, via a car (still isolated) to their boat and enjoy a change of scenery, and get out and explore our amazing network of waterways.

stephanie horton   june 2016—Liveaboards

For liveaboards who are now 'working from home', moving and enjoying the waterways is still an option, and right now getting out of cities and towns will assist in keeping infections to a minimum.  And with less demand on supply chains, there’s a greater chance of keeping cupboards topped up.

If you’re not using your boat, why not offer to share it with family members and give everyone a chance to 'get away for a few days'?  Boaters with children can use the time to fish, learn photography and explore nature, help with navigation, and understand the history of our waterways—imagine the impact of this on our kids and the waterways.

The waterway community

The waterways community was easily the most attractive element of boating, but the cracks have started to appear in recent years—however, by looking after one another, checking on neighbours, picking up supplies, whilst keeping interaction to a minimum, we will ensure we are taking big steps to rebuild this incredible community.

RCR and Canal Contracting will continue to be here to support you and we are also looking at other ways we can assist boaters in the coming months.

Stay safe and call us if you need us.