First big step for Stroudwater

Published: Wednesday, 25 November 2009

THE £17.5 millions restoration of the Stroud canals have received a boost by the passing of plans to replace a bridge to allow navigation.

At a special meeting, councillors gave permission for a new bridge over the Stroudwater Navigation, at Upper Mills Industrial Estate in Stonehouse, which will replace a fixed, former swing bridge which was too low for boats to pass under, Ken Bailey tells us.

One councillor described it as 'the first big step for the restoration of the canal—the first obvious step', with Planning Officer Phil Skill stating that the application was the first of many that would be dealt with over the next year or so, to enable the re-opening of the waterways to go ahead.

The Project Manager, Paul Coupe, told the meeting there were many more interlinking schemes to come along the canal corridor, including permissions for dredging, other bridges, culverts, realignment of the canal, restoration of historic features and diversions of utility services.

The £17.5 million project aims to re-open six miles of two waterways, now known as the Cotswold Canals.