Northampton gets marina

Published: Friday, 20 November 2009

AFTER years of controversy, it has finally been decided that Northampton will get its marina in Becket's Park on the Nene.

The plans for the 82 berth marina were approved this week, Alan Tilbury tells us, and it should be open next year.

At an estimated cost of £2 millions, the marina will be built in a disused boating lake, with moorings for commercial hire boats as well as private boats, including residentials.  It will also be available for overnight moorings.

Paul Arnold, on behalf of the Environment Agency,  is pleased the  plans have been approved, explaining:

"At the moment, boaters see Northampton as a bit of a risky stop. It's all right for a quick trip to the supermarket to get essentials, but you'll always be worried about your boat being there when you get back.

"This marina will create a sense of community among boaters, reduce the potential for crime and offer real benefits for the people of Northampton and the boating community."

Northampton of course is the gateway from the main system to the waterways of the East, and the vandal activity along the Northampton Arm from the Grand Union Canal will make a safe haven in Northampton very welcome for boaters.