More closures

Published: Saturday, 14 July 2018

HOT on the heels of the many flights on the Leeds & Liverpool being closed comes further closures.

bingley Five Rise lockStill on the Leeds & Liverpool, Canal & River Trust is attempting to keep its 'great attraction' of Bingley Five Rise open, by restricting Bingley Three Rise to short morning and afternoon closures. It is not much use publishing these times as they will most likely be changed as water gets scarcer.

Blame lack of rainfall

Anyone who saw the television programme about the history of this waterway will have noticed the many leaking lock gates on Bingley Five Rise, yet CaRT only blames lack of rainfall, though the photograph shows what really causes the shortage of water.

The television programme showed all but one of the gates on the Five Rise leaking water.

Rochdale too

The Rochdale too is now suffering restrictions, and with the Huddersfield Narrow closed, all three of the Pennine waterways are in trouble.

Tuel lane locks, the start of the eastern end of the Rochdale is closed all day today, and there is little certainty of its future opening times, with CaRT seemingly 'playing safe' with no times or dates being given as to further closures.