Another new CaRT structure—and more consultation

Published: Thursday, 07 December 2017

THIS morning, Canal & River Trust tells us that it has began a three months period of 'internal consultation' about changes to its structures and a significant reduction in the size of its senior management team. 

Its Press Release told that 'at the proposals to transform the organisation is a change to strengthen the accountability of regional teams, and to shift the current waterway management structure to better face the outside world, so the Trust can engage and influence its partners in the most effective way. Subject to consultation, this would see the Trust move from the current ten waterways to six larger regions, and embed more of the current national teams directly into the new regional teams'.

Re-focussing and simplifying the organisation

Commenting on the news, Richard Parry, Chief Executive, explained:

“These changes are about re-focussing and simplifying the organisation so that we enable everyone across the Trust to make their greatest possible contribution, to serve our customers and support local communities to enjoy their local waterway. We have to find ways to do more and cost less to ensure a secure and sustainable future for the Trust.”

However over the 17 years of its existence narrowboatworld has reported no less than six changes to the Trust's structure, closing and opening offices, relocating staff and most importantly redefining each area of responsibility, and all they seem to do is upset its staff, but most importantly lose its better people...