Hawkesbury Lock shambles

Published: Monday, 14 August 2017

THE latest Boater's Update contains the usual 'facts' from Damien and CaRT's fantasy world—only one unplanned stoppage of more than 48 hours in July(?), quotes John Wallace.

So why were dozens of boats queueing at Hawkesbury Lock for over 72 hours?

Abandon their boat

Why did the Poles on a hire boat abandon the boat outside the Greyhound Inn in order to catch their flight home? Why did one crew turn round and head for Springwood Haven for a week's mooring and the cost of a taxi home to get back to work? Why did boaters head for Coventry to try to find a pump out as they crossed their legs?

Many boaters actually gathered to laugh at the shambles going on as the CaRT crew couldn't find the right type of stop planks and the work was disorganized with the foreman disappearing at regular intervals in one of the five recently registered CaRT cars and pick-ups to collect parts.


When a waterways based (dis)organisation has to send for a hire company's pumps you know why stoppages take so long to fix.

With volunteer lock-keepers meticulously trained in health and safety, why did not a single workman wear a life-jacket over the three days?