Regent's Canal booze-up havoc

Published: Monday, 03 June 2013

AN UNLICENCED event over the weekend caused havoc and left a trail of destruction along the Regent's Canal.

Promoted as a 'Canalival', as a floating carnival fun event, the flotilla of inflatable craft started near the Kingsland Basin and made its way to Broadway Market in Hackney, Roger Fox tells us.

Alcohol fuelled

But as the evening progressed, the warm weather brought out many alcohol fuelled revellers, who took over the event, climbing into the inflatables, turning some over and generally causing havoc throughout Saturday night, until it finally stopped at around 7am on the Sunday morning.

It reached such a pitch that the organisers attempted to stop it, but to no avail, as the drunks took took it over, not only causing damage to the boats but destruction of property along the canal and using gardens as toilets.


Residents found debris, including glass from broken windows, in their gardens and along the towpath, with abandoned inflatables strewn along the waterway together with cans, bottles and even clothing.

A small childrens' community garden had been completely destroyed with its flowers and plants either pulled up or trampled on, in addition to human waste.

No insurance or safety measures

Canal & River Trust had not given permission for the event, with the organisers admitting that it was not insured, had no safety measures installed and there was no police presence.

There was such a great interest developing that the organisers became worried that it was getting out of hand, so decided to cancel, posting notices the day before, but by then Facebook postings by students were promoting the event, that then attracted the drinkers and those seemingly intent upon causing trouble.