Sour grapes?

Published: Friday, 13 July 2012

Having been steered in the direction of the Canal Discussion Forum, writes Pam Pickett, I was a little surprised to find this post by one Alan Fincher, and I quote:

‘Does this also make 'Victor' right for his role, because clearly his site produces the kind of stuff that most of his readership seem to lap up and endorse. Factual accuracy unimportant, as long as it is entertaining?'

Free platform

Isn't this then the same Alan Fincher who was given a free electoral platform by narrowboatworld that then allowed him to place his case for election to the CART council before a rather larger number of people than would otherwise have been possible?

Alan has it appears had his say, now I'll have mine. As one who writes for  narrowboatworld I take great exception to any suggestion that  narrowboatworld deals in entertainment rather than in accuracy, particularly so when that accusation comes from a site that can hardly claim not to host more than its fair share of‘'twaddle'!