Doesn't anybody check?

Published: Monday, 16 January 2017

IT REALLY takes some believing that CaRT can on its website say the broad Hatton Locks were built in the 30s using modern methods yet one of them also say they were built by pick axes and shovels, writes James Henry.

I should imagine many boaters have seen the remains of the narrow locks when locking up or down the flight, I certainly have, so perhaps John Johnson, Construction Supervisor from the Canal & River Trust, who stood at the bottom of the broad locks thinking it amazing to think these locks were all built by hand using little more than pick axes and shovels, perhaps should have taken a closer look. But didn't anybody at CaRT check?

Doesn't know what he is talking about

He obviously doesn't know what he is talking about, as it is well recorded and fairly well known to boaters that the original narrow locks were replaced with the present broad locks, this being achieved in the 30s, using the then modern methods, as the picture clearly shows.

There is so much misinformation churned out by people from CaRT these days, that it makes you wonder just what to believe.  And as your contributor Bill Ridgeway wrote this morning, there is the other 'implausible statistics of the number of visitors to its waterways about which there's no way of challenging'.