'Slum boats' on the move again

Published: Wednesday, 01 March 2017

THE 'slum boats' on the Thames that were moved from their mooring by the Environment Agency, then settled at Teddington Lock moorings, but are being moved again.

It was in November last year (Court confirms no long-term Thames mooring) that the boats named the 'slum boats' as the largest of them rented out rooms, being little more than a doss house, with two others acting as support vessels, were moved by the Agency, but have not complied with the court order, Roger Fox reports.

Illegally moor

These boats illegally moor along the river until the Agency takes out an order then removes them, they then settling somewhere else on the Thames to carry on business.

The Agency showed the court that they had failed to 'comply with the terms of a previous order' that was served by High Court bailiffs, so the boats are this time being towed away to a secure place to be collected at a later date after the court charges have been met.

The largest of the boats that is used to rent rooms, pictured, does not have an engine so has to be towed.