Cannot go everywhere in widebeam

Published: Thursday, 23 February 2017

I SEE this [widebeam] has come up again. In the past I wasn't bothered but I have recently moved to the 'wide-side', writes Kevin Howell.

It clearly states on your licence renewal form that you can go everywhere on Cart managed waters. We all know that this is not possible for a widebeam, and you are effectively stuck in the North or the South.

Many others

You can't go anywhere near Birmingham, and Llangollen is a no-go canal. There are many others.

My proposal would be to charge widebeam boats, say 10% more on their licence. I can hear you say he's gone mad!

But then a widebeam boat should be allowed a discount, say 15% because you can't use all the system and therefore you are not putting any wear and tear on the oldest part of the network. If you have a rivers only licence you get 40% discount! All relevant for any consultation.

PS: Still a narrowboatworld fan (although moved to the widebeam world) because our issues are still the same.