No insurance pay-out for fired boat

Published: Sunday, 19 February 2017

WITH a person coming forward to report the boater whom he saw purposely setting fire to his narrowboat (Narrowboat purposely fired) this means he will get no insurance.

This occurred just outside Chester on the Shropshire Union Canal, when a man saw the boater pile up items in his boat then set fire to it, witnessing the whole event, even meeting the boater, discovered to be Robin Wickman as he left the burning narrowboat.

Insurance scam

As narrowboatworld stated, it all gave the impression that it was an insurance scam, so it has proved, with the authorities investigating the fire and the witness coming forward, resulting in it being discovered that the boater had put in a claim to his insurance company.

This all came to light in the resulting investigation, with the insurance company refusing the claim, and the possibility of an action against Robert Wickman for attempted fraud. Even worse for the boater is the added possibility of a charge of arson for purposely firing his boat.

The investigation is still progressing.