Lack of information given to hire boaters

Published: Friday, 03 February 2017

READING the articles about dangerous cills I was reminded of two incidents which illustrated to me at any rate, the lack of information given to hire boaters about cills, writes Jennifer MacGillivray.

In the first instance a hire boat had entered the lock, going up, and a member of the crew was frantically shouting to the steerer to get further in as 'you're not forward of the cill yet, it says you've got to be forward of the cill'. I explained it was only when you were going down, as you wouldn't be able to see the cill below the water and you could get caught up on it.

'What is a 'cill'?

The second time we were in a lock going down, when the crew of the boat behind walked up and one asked, pointing to the line on the lock side, 'what is a cill?' I was able to explain and show them.

These weren't people being silly , they wanted to do things properly, but they obviously hadn't had any information about cills.