Object to Edgbaston Tunnel towpath widening

Published: Wednesday, 25 January 2017

JIMMY Lockwood is spot-on in his piece about the impending towpath widening through the [Edgbaston] tunnel, writes Dave Carden.

I attach my email sent to CaRT which is on the same lines..what is worrying is that apparently planning permission has already been passed without consultation!

Get in touch

I urge anybody that feels as strongly against this and the principle behind it to get in touch with West Midlands CaRT office before the end of January when the now consultation closes.

Dave's email to Canal & river Trust:

I am filled with dismay that the towpath widening of the tunnel is even being considered...for a start why are CaRT paying for a study with cameras when surely the council that are asking for said scheme should be paying for it?

Also from the study let's remember that at least the 25 narrowboats have contributed to the CaRT coffers by probably the thick end of 25K a year between them...the cyclists and walkers/joggers what have they or will they contribute?

But apart from that the health and safety aspect of creating a faster route for the cyclist is going to cause accidents. I myself and my disabled son have been bowled over near broad tunnel by a Lycra lout last year!

Why should the navigation be made single file? Why can't the cyclists wait instead? Why should the navigation come second all the time? On top of all these question that surely not need asking in a sensible world...the tunnel and canal is an important heritage site...listed?

I must remind all those involved that we navigators pay to use this tunnel NOBODY else does...if this towpath goes ahead will the CaRT place turnstiles at each end and charge a toll or at the very least should a cycle licence be payable to use the towpaths?

Dave Carden. 53 years boating