Cruised over an unexploded bomb

Published: Friday, 20 January 2017

IT IS perhaps a worrying thought that many boaters have cruised over an unexploded bomb in the Thames—us included!

For an unexploded World War Two bomb has been found in the Thames between Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge, with everything halted until it had been removed, Alan Tilbury reports.

Caused chaos

Not only was all boat traffic halted yesterday at around 5pm between the two bridges but all road traffic and pedestrians were stopped from using the two bridges and Victoria Embankment (pictured), with the nearby Westminster Underground Station also closed, it all causing chaos in the city.

However an operation by the Royal Navy removed the bomb with the police announcing that it had been towed safely away for disposal, and later in the evening the river, bridges and underground were reopened.

Many thousands of tons of bombs were dropped on London during the war, and it is likely that many fell into the Thames and failed to explode, which is perhaps a sobering thought as you cruise the river.