EA court action boats now at Teddington

Published: Thursday, 29 December 2016

OUR regular walk on Christmas Day takes us to Teddington Lock and across the river to a very amenable pub in Teddington where the first pint was free this year! Writes Roger Fox.

On the way I noted that all of the boats previously moored alongside the towpath in Kingston and Richmond had gone.

Subject of court judgment

It is so long ago that I cannot remember when it was last completely unoccupied. However, what I did find was that the boats which were the subject of the recent court judgment are moored on the Environment Agency Teddington lock island and that a selection of other craft are also tied in the lock cut.

Someone on board

I noticed that a couple of bicycles were leaning against the fence by the dormitory boats and I wonder if someone was on board.

It is also worth noting that several other boats from the original grouping are scattered individually against the town side towpath in Kingston.