EA a law unto itself

Published: Thursday, 29 December 2016

REGARDING your comment about the Environment Agency (EA) and its complete disregard for the [mooring] rules, this is no surprise to me whatsoever, writes Paul Jenkins.

There are people in that organisation that have no respect for rules, and the latest disregard of them by wanting people to register and pay as soon as they moor their boats, for overnight moorings is yet another of its total disregard.

Treats rules with contempt

David Mercer's excellent article shows just how the EA treats its rules with contempt, so I will not expand.  Of course it is all brought about by boaters wanting to stay for a period paying the lock keeper, but the Agency has got rid of most of them, so has to devise another method, but being against its own rules is to the Agency of little matter.

Whatever you do, you must not upset the Agency, for I well remember one fella who obviously did who wanted to restore an old mill, for which he had planning permission. But upset someone at the Agency objected, who made the fella's life hell as well as costing him a great deal of money.  Of course the EA itself wasted lots of money pursuing the poor fella, but that of course is what its people do.

I know that narrowboatworld is not in favour of the Canal & River Trust taking over the Environment Agency waters, and knowing the state of the Trust's waterways, I can see the reason, but in some cases, such as this, it cannot but be a good thing.