Jailed for canal bridge attack

Published: Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A TEENAGER who was part of a gang that attacked a young man who was sheltering under a canal bridge has been jailed for three years.

The young man sheltering under the canal bridge on the Stourbridge Canal with his girl friend was convinced he was going to die, being pistol-whipped by the thug, who cannot be named, Alan Tilbury tells us.


After being beaten-up by the gang of four youths he was told to empty his pockets, was forced to hand over his motorcycle keys that they took then ordered to give them his PIN number for his savings account.

The pistol that he thought was real was in fact a replica, but the young man thought it was real, so did as ordered, expecting to be killed.

However, the police were able to trace the gang, that trolled the canal towpath for victims, with its leader being handed the three years jail sentence.